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-Vy N.-

Dinh Pham, have made my experience more than just wonderful! I was introduce through him by a friend, I see him as a friend of mine too after this experience. To start off, he had a lot of patience to work with me. I just moved to VA, and I am a military spouse, thus we do not have a lot of money but we want to own our house as soon as we can because we are sick and tired of apartment life. I told dinh, what I want and what my husband want and our budget. We live in VA, and I work far from military base so we need to look for a place near my work once my husband out of the service. But, these houses near work are extremely out of our budget. Yet, he was able to find our dream house in our budget. I would recommend dinh to any first time home buyer, or even seeking out for renting. His knowledge are extremely beyond my imagination. Whenever I have a question he would answer it, if he can’t he would go beyond his reach to find it, contact the seller and best of all, he’s so great not only in what he does, but on what he can give to anyone as his client. I was treated professionally, and he always on time, on schedule when we make any arrangement. He’s busy, yet he always able to take the time bring us what we needed to get done, paper work get done in instant. He constantly on the move, and always call to check up on us when we are waiting for bank approval. Always up date us on what is happening and what needed to be done. He always put his client first and foremost. I never experience such a wonderful, kind and professional as much as his. He treated us with respect even though we are so much younger than he is, he show us what is best for us, and even depended us when we are nearly not able to purchase the house. Simply, dinh gain our trust , that’s why I told him, whatever you say! You do it, because I know it will turn out wonderful. and I love my house all thank to dinh.