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-Shay D.-

Dinh is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with! He made sure my entire home-buying experience went smoothly from beginning to end. Most realtors tend to focus their energy on their numbers and stop working as hard once a contract is ratified. This was definitely not the case with Dinh. Sure, I was incredibly impressed with his preparedness as we looked at houses…he had print outs of comps in the area and when I was ready to sign the contract, it literally only took 5 minutes because he already had everything he could filled out based on conversations him and I had (I didn’t even realize he was listening!!!), but I was completely taken aback with his involvement after the contract was ratified. I have never seen a realtor so involved with the lender, inspectors, insurance company and title company. He took it upon himself to make sure everything was done and done correctly. Dinh’s expertise did not stop at his responsibilities as a realtor, his understanding of the entire home-buying process became apparent as he advised others on what was allowable at closing, ensuring I was getting the most I could out of the deal. Not only did he get me the best price I could for the house, he saved me from losing out on thousands of dollars because of his knowledge and his involvement with all parties, every step of the way.

I think the most impressive quality Dinh has as a realtor is his communication. He kept me apprised of everything throughout the entire process. He provided everyone with updates before we could even wonder what the status was. Buying a house has always been a very stressful time for me, and I was ready for the emotional roller coaster that normally comes with buying a house, but Dinh was on top of everything and everyone and made my home-buying experience virtually stress-free. Dinh even made sure the inspectors wore booties while walking through the house, so when I say he was on top of everything, I mean he was on top of EVERYTHING!

I highly recommend Dinh. Whether you are buying your very first home or your 10th, I promise that you will be thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and his professionalism and will never want another realtor to represent you ever again!!